Calgary’s Bottle Recycling Centre

As a responsible world citizen, you know you need to recycle to lower your personal emissions and resource consumption. So, whether you own a home, a business, or both, you collect and recycle paper products on a regular basis. However, you can take your efforts further by recycling bottles and cans as well.

At North Hill Bottle Depot, we have assisted local residents with can and bottle recycling in Calgary since 1973. Recently, we have renovated and computerized our facilities to make the recycling process more efficient than ever. We will even pay you for the bottles and cans you donate to our recycling centre.

Know Why Recycling Matters
When you recycle, you don't only ensure that materials don't go to waste. You also eliminate the need for manufacturers to mine more materials and produce more pollution. Companies use far less energy remaking recycled materials than they do shaping new materials. We play an important role in the transformation of used materials into new products.

Benefit From Our Transparent Operation
When you come to us for bottle recycling, we don't just handle you a lump sum and send you home. We let you know exactly how much worth each item has. You can even check how much money you'll receive online on our return rates page. Our computerized point of return system will also streamline this process for you.

Visit Our Calgary Location and Crew Today
Our team wants to make sure you have a positive experience when you interact with us. If you would like to learn more about bottle recycling or other services at our Calgary facility, give us a call at 403-277-1655.

Our bottle depot in Calgary is moving in October 2016, more details coming soon!

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